Kirkcaldy – Sainsbury’s Supermarkets

We undertook multiple, face to face and online pre-construction planning meetings with Sainsbury’s Supermarkets as well as store managers to understand the wider company requirements as well as localised store issues. This enabled us to program and plan the works to ensure minimal disruption to the store and their customers.

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Key Project Challenges:
Tight client deadline
Reduced hours, all around store closure hours
4 Night programme
How we successfully delivered the project:

Specialist Surfacing firstly carried out a full drainage clean to ensure sufficient water drainage to the new car park, this also included lifting of aco drains and drain manholes to suit the new levels.

On completion of the drainage clean and repairs. All trolley bays were removed and a small number of site road signs replaced before the full car park was planed to a depth of 30mm, swept clean and a tack coat applied throughout. This area was then resurfaced using 6mm Ultiflex Surface Course as per the client requirements.

On completion of the resurfacing works trolley bays were reinstalled at the required locations and the full car park was finished off with new white lining.

Works Scope:

Specialist Surfacing were employed by Sainsbury’s to carry out remedial works to the main car park at Sainsbury’s Supermarket in Kirkcaldy, Scotland.

The works included planing out the existing car park area, to a depth of 30mm throughout the car park and disposal of all arisings to a local licenced tip, sweep clean the full area with a road sweeper including cleaning of the full drainage system, application of tack coat, provide, and resurfacing the car park bays to 30mm with 6mm Ultiflex Surface Course, in line with the client design.

Specialist Surfacing provided suitable traffic management arrangements throughout the works as well as Aco and drainage repairs prior to new white lining being installed.

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This contract was designed by North East Lincolnshire Council with Specialist Surfacing Ltd acting as main contractor, employing Southam Services Ltd as the sub-contractor whom carried out the drainage upgrades.

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Due to the nature of the works and the fact that this is the first time in-situ recycling had been undertaken using the new technology, and to the specified depth, within the East Riding of Yorkshire area, our Managing Director led several on and offsite meetings with both the client, and our partner sub-contractors. This helped us understand the logistical issues, the clients’ requirements, and agree a programme of works.

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